DECAL - Fufukitten Musical Kitty Cat - Vinyl Adhesive (Indoor / Outdoor)


DECAL - Fufukitten Musical Kitty Cat - Vinyl Adhesive (Indoor / Outdoor)


Fufukittens - Musical Kitty (decal, vinyl sticker)

  • Available Colors: Black / White
  • ~6" x 3" (~15 x7,5 cm)
  • Ready to apply, with clear transfer plastic. Includes application instructions.
  • Perfect for laptops, notebooks, helmets, cars, windows or any smooth surfaces.
  • Weatherproof. Water and UV resistant. May be used in surfaces such as car windows. When applied to water bottles and such, choose handwashing over dishwasher to increase durability.

Musical FufuKitten is a Superstar! He's thoughtful and knows that you are a busy human. He'll audition for you at 4 AM so you can make the most of your day. Thank you, little guy!

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*Product for personal (non-commercial) use only.
*Picture is for reference only and may NOT accurately represent the actual size.
*The vinyl decals are removable, but not re-usable after they have been removed from the surface.
*Please be aware that decals covers only the colored area.
*They can be used on almost any flat, smooth, non-porous surface - car, laptop, mirror, window, furniture, metal.
*Estimated outdoor durability- Up to 3 years, Estimated indoor durability- Up to 5 years