Mako Fufu is an Argentine self-taught Manga Visual Artist based in NC, US.
She regularly exhibits and sells her work at Comic and Anime conventions (New York Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Animazement, etc).
She’s been an Art Director for Video Games, Comic Artist, Muralist and Illustrator, among many *many* other works.
She is an official Chuck Jones Gallery Artist, a Pentel Brand Ambassador and a Member in Residence at Girls Drawin’ Girls.
She’s been awarded with an an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” Visa in 2012 and “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” Green Card in 2016 by the US Government.

Mako Fufu has always been fascinated by cartoons, videogames, pin-up girls and anime, and felt the impulse to express herself through art from an early age, filling piles of sketchbooks with her artwork.

With no relatives or friends in the field of the Arts,  alas no guidance whatsoever,  she figured out that following her passion was the only way to make her dreams come true, even though when she was a teenager her family would insist "-it's time to quit doodling around and get serious!-". 

Mako loves variety and trying new things, which is reflected on her extensive and eclectic Portfolio: She's been Art Director and Concept Artist for Video Games, Illustrated Ads, ChildrenBooks and Mangas. Created Murals & Street Art, a Webcomic and a series of WIP Videos. She has participated in Exhibitions and Live Painted during Design and Art-related events. She's taught Art Classes and Workshops,  given Talks and even taken a tattoo apprenticeship. She has also won awards in various competitions.

Mako Fufu has moved to the US in 2012 and lived in NY. She's currently based in Winston Salem, North Carolina where she keeps on following her dreams